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Kiskeya Interpreting and Translating, LLC

Kiskeya Interpreting and Translation is a beacon in providing quality and professional cross-cultural communication in our rapidly growing interconnected global economy. At K.I.T. we look to facilitate communications while providing exemplary service to a wide-range of industries and disciplines; including but not limited to the medical, educational and judicial fields. 

We cover over 250 languages and dialects with a specialty in Haitian Creole. We strive to provide a highly effective streamlined communication process between our Limited English Proficient Clients, Patrons and Patients.

We maintain strict standards of professionalism which we feel are both pivotal and intregral parts to ensuring the optimal communication and service are being provided . Our skilled and dynamic staff of linguists are capable of interpreting and  translating your ideas into their proper culturally relevant and contextualized meanings.


When words are exchanged  between speakers of different languages 

a conversation is being held across cultures ...

Let K.I.T. help you Keep In Touch by not getting lost in translation.

Contact a Kiskeya representative today. 

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